Privacy Policy

We understand that you care about the personal information you share and how we use it. We also appreciate that you trust us with the information and trust that we protect and use it sensibly and carefully. The privacy policy below describes how we collect your information, process it, and use it.

What Information Do We Collect And How?
Information you provide

This is one of the main ways we collect your information. We get information from the details you fill in when creating an account with us, paying for your products, completing surveys, interacting with our customer care, and submitting reviews.
This information includes your first and last name, username, password, email address, and phone number.

Information we collect automatically

When you interact with our website or service, we automatically receive information from your activities, mobile device/computer, and browser. This information includes IP address, geographic location, preferred language, browser version and type, Bluetooth or wireless technology, purchase history, browser platforms, and the products you searched for.

Information from other sources

In addition to the information we get from your interaction with our website and products, we can get information from outside sources. This information includes a change of delivery address, updates in payment information, page view, and search terms purchase history from business partners.

Why Do We Collect The Information?

Product purchase and delivery

The information we have about you makes it easier to receive, process, and deliver products, communicate with you about your orders, process payments, and send you information about promotional offers and new products.

Provide, improve, and troubleshoot services

Information about how you interact with us helps us improve our services, identify issues, analyze performance, and improve our site's effectiveness and usability.

Personalization and recommendations

By identifying what you gravitate towards, we know the features, services, and products to recommend to you and make your experience personalized.


Information about your preferences and shopping habits also makes it easier to identify what ads to bring to you.

Fraud prevention

The client's personal information enables us to detect fraud and manage credit risks.

How Do We Protect The Information?
  • We use encryption software and protocols to keep personal information safe during transmission.

  • When handling credit card information, we adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security standards.

  • We ask for verification before displaying personal information to clients.

  • We have implemented robust security features on our devices to prevent unauthorized third-party access and data loss.

  • We recommend that you use a strong and unique password by having a requirement that it contains different characters.

Do We Share Your Information?

We value our customers' information and are not in the business of selling it to third parties. Below are the only instances and reasons we share customer information.

  • Third-party transactions- We provide information to third parties who want to provide you with information or products through our platform.

  • Third-party service providers- These are people who perform different activities on our behalf, like delivering products, sending emails or postal mail, offering marketing assistance, or processing payments.

  • Business transfer- If we sell our business or buy another company to form a new entity, your information gets transferred to the new entity but is still under our privacy terms.

  • Protection of the business- We provide information when we believe it is helpful to protect other customers' rights and privacy or comply with the law.

Cookies Policy 

Cookies are data files sent from our server to your web browser and stored in the browser's cache to help us recognize your browser. Cookies can be session, persistent, or third-party cookies. We use them too.

  • Collect information to understand your browsing habits.

  • Temporarily store data that you may enter using tools like calculators on our website.

  • Remember your information when you visit our website.

  • Analyze site usage and traffic.