Bingbo Beauty Energy Beauty Crytal Ball Ice Ball

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1. it is a necessary beauty tool for beauty agencies and personal care, and can be widely used in face an eyes Lifting, massage, detoxification, relaxation, nutrition introduction, etc. 2. it can make the skin relax and circulate rhythmically, which is conducive to the penetration and absorption of skin care products and make the skin smooth delicate, white and tender, smooth and transparent. 3. it can lift and tighten the skin, activate the anti wrinkle and anti-aging ability of the skin, and protect the eye bags, forehead lines and corner lines and the corner of the mouth lines have an excellent improvement. 4. improve skin roughness, pores, acne, especially for sensitive akin, after sun repair compound, facial red blood (red face) and other prominent role. 5. it can be used for physical cooling and other home health care. 6. it can eliminate excessive tension, relief fatigue, refresh the mind and calm the nerves.

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